Mar 27

Michelle here is a wild milf sexually but if you met her on the street, she would seem so sweet and innocent you would have no idea she was such a horny amateur milf. Here, Michelle stopped by and 5 of my friends were more than happy to stuff every hole on this hot southern milf. Like I said, if you hear the intro to her movie she sounds so sweet with the cute southern accent. Not to mention, she’s a school teacher in real life. Damn, I wish I had some teachers like this. By the time this amateur milf got naked we couldn’t help but fuck her ass for some wild anal action while she sucked cock two handed. When it was over, we dumped loads of cum everywhere on this babe. See her sample clips here and follow the links to Broke Amateurs for even more hot first time amateur action.

Mar 04

Most amateur girls that come through are doing their first sex act on vid like anal, or swallowing, even though they have done it in their regular lives before with a boyfriend or something. Well, we like to get girls doing something for the first time ever and catch it on video.  That’s exactly what we got with amateur teen Maryann. She had never had a facial before so we decided what better time than now. She was too nervous to do a full hardcore clip but agreed to a blow job and her first ever facial. Check it out above and get more first time girls at Broke Amateurs.

Feb 23

Meet Amy. One of my favorite amateurs to stroll through the doors of Broke Amateurs. Really cool chic and a great personality. Open to everything and of course, a true first timer. She starts off with a little blow job action and without even asking, she goes right down and licks my balls. You gotta love a girl who does that. Next I fuck that tight teen amateur pussy until I can’t hold back anymore. Like a pro Amy gets on her knees and looks up at me and begs for my sperm, causing me to shoot a huge load in her mouth. Check out Amy’s samples above and for more real first time girls in their very first sex video, follow the links to Broke Amateurs.

Feb 19

Brandi is an amateur who did her first clip for us while she was pregrant and although she’s no longer pregnant, she kept those giant boobs. She starts will a little blow job action but before long I need fuck her throat so we move on to some hardcore face fucking and Brandi here barely flinches, although she does gag a little.

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After a little deep mouth face fucking Brandi gets into the swing of things and starts rimming my ass. And not just a little, she tries to fuck my ass with her tongue, wow!. After that she opened up that pussy for a good fucking that ended with an oozing cream pie.

Feb 13

A real amateur porn gem here with Erin. She contacted us and after seeing some pictures just couldn’t let this girl get away without getting the full Broke Amateurs treatment. A really great body and a cute personality, Erin was ready to fuck as soon as she showed up so we kept the chit chat to a minimum. First, with some hot blow job and deep mouth action. The moving on to some serious fucking.

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Erin was open for anything so after some nice deepthroat and a facial, I plunged my penis into her tight teen pussy. But then it was time for some first time anal action. This video has all the hardcore you could want in in a first time girl you won’t see on any other site. Check out her samples above and get her full movie along with all the other real first time girls at Broke Amateurs.

Feb 04

Tabitha here did her first shoot for us a while back and just recently contacted us and said she really wanted to do a very hardcore vid this time. Of course, how can you say no to a teen girl who wants to get fucked silly on film for only the second time in her whole life.

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First we started with some serious deepthroating that had her spit smearing all over her face as she gagged and choked, begging for more.  Then some crazy rimming action where she stuck her whole tongue in my ass. After that, it was time to bust that teen anal cherry and on top of that, some ass to throat where I had her suck off all her ass juice multiple times from my cock. Some serious hardcore teen amateur action in this video and you won’t see this girl anywhere else, so make sure to check it out.

Jan 31

They don’t get more barely legal than this 18 year old teen. A little shy but super cute, this southern amateur teen got a mouthful of penis the swallowed a load of jizz like she was dying of thirst.

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At Broke Amateurs they have two full length videos with Kelly. First time she sucks cock, swallows cum, gets screwed in that tight teen cunt then gets a huge facial. A month or so later she returns asking to do another movie and this time she agrees to let me fuck that tight teen ass hole. My god, this girl was so small and that ass hole was super tight. Some awesome anal amateur hardcore so make sure to check it out.

Jan 23

When we talk about first time girls at Broke Amateurs we mean their first time making an amateur porn video. But Autumn here, this was practically her first time having sex. Having had sex only 3 other times you could tell she didn’t have much experience. But luckily, there is no experience needed at Broke Amateurs.

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After a bit of chit chat this amateur nerd gets naked and has some amazing teen tits. Very firm and damn near perfect. But her dick sucking skills were not up to par. But don’t worry, we taught her everything she needed to know including some hardcore amateur deep throat. But then comes the best part, we broke that teen anal cherry HARD! So tight but we showed this nerdy amateur no mercy and she took it all up that tight teen ass. If you love true first timers who start shy but end up going hardcore, you’ll love this video.

Jan 20

Wow, Kim here works as an office manager in real life and if you met her you would never guess she can handle 8 cocks at once. This blonde amateur milf showed up and asked if she could do a gang bang. We said yes, but it has to be 8 guys. She was a little nervous but in the end said yes and the rest is amateur porn history.

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This video has about everything you can imagine. Of course it has 8 huge jizz shots. But plenty of cock sucking, vagina fucking, anal, even creampies. This is one hardcore amateur milf you don’t want to miss. Check out her previews above and get more at Broke Amateurs.

Jan 14

This amateur girl went from 0 to 60 in about 3 seconds. A super shy first timer who had only had sex with a few men in her whole life decided to let it all out when she got in front of the Broke Amateurs camera.

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Natalie is another true first time teen. You won’t see her on any other site. She’s not a porn star, she’s just a real amateur teen. Check her out here as she tries to deep throat the penis then bend over and get her tight anal cherry popped. If you love teens getting screwed for the first time the way they deserved to be boned, check out Natalie’s samples and follow the links to Broke Amateurs for even more first timers being boned hard.

Aug 06

Meet Keisha, I promise you won’t see this blonde 18 year old teen anywhere. She’s a Broke Amateur’s exclusive first timer. Not only a first timer, but a first time jizz swallower. Not just the first time swallowing sperm on movie, but the first time in her life. Don’t believe it. When you watch her face as she swallows a huge load you’ll know it’s her first time just by her reaction. You don’t catch that on camera everyday!

This girl stood us up for over 6 months. Promising to shoot some amateur porn than backing out at the last  second when she got cold feet. Well, she finally showed up and we couldn’t help doing two movies with her.  The first amateur video complete with an amateur blow job, some masturbation, and some fucking. The second movie was a sperm facial extravaganza with Keisha’s face getting absolutely plastered with jizz.

A chic this cute with such a sexy little Southern accent getting her first taste of jizz dripping down her young throat. Amateur at it’s finest.

Jul 31

Meet true first timer Starr. Sorry about her name but when you let an 18 year old pick her own porn name, you get things like “Starr.” At least it wasn’t “Porsche” or “Mercedes”. I’m going to lay my reputation on the line here by admitting something to you guys. I’ve boned A LOT of 19+ year olds but never in my life have I boned a chic who fucking 6 months earlier would have put me in jail. That sort of excited me……A LOT…….to the point I almost lost it in the first 30 seconds of the shoot. That would not be good. Not good at all. But, I turned a negative into a positive. I told her to lick my balls for awhile hoping that would calm me down. Thankfully it did but there was an added benefit, I got some incredible footage of her tongue-ing my nuts up close. I actually got turned on watching it while I was editing it. That’s like trying to tickle yourself. It’s almost impossible. Starr has found her calling. This is her first time fucking on film but she just jumped right in doing whatever I told her to do. I did my normal gagging and face-fucking. She could handle the face-fucking but the deepthroat got to her a few times. Some good gagging footage. We fucked in missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggie. I mouth-screwed her really well. She dildo’d herself for a bit. And, of course, two fully swallowed loads of cum. If you’re looking for some good “relief” material, this is it.

Jul 31

Another true first time amateur you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re a fan of deep throat amateurs, this is the vid for you. Bella is hot and smart and she put on one heckuva show. I got my cock sooooo far down her mouth and it felt soooooo good. I fucked her face for all it was worth. She just took it and smiled. I boned her vagina good and hard and had her suck her own pussy juice off my cock a few times as well. I dropped two huge loads of jizz into her throat which she willingly swallowed. Bella is about 5-3, 100 pounds. She is truly a college student. And I’m not talking some community college in BFE. This chic goes to a prestigious university that I obviously can’t disclose to you. She’s also in a sorority and I’m not giving you specifics on that either. This scene can also be used as a gay tester. If you watch the first 5 mins and don’t have to sprint to the bathroom to whack off, you’re gay.

Jul 15

This cute black teen babe with a perfect smile was just so sweet. I know some guys are into black girls and some dudes arnt. But, this babe is smoking hot either way and a true amateur. She’s 18 years old. Sweet girl. Big smile. The best word to describe her body is phenomenal. She’s from Atlanta. She’s an admin at a Dentist’s office. She was pretty shy but she did everything I asked her to do and did it with a smile. That’s the best thing about Tia, such a sweet personality. She does have issues with deepthroating but that only led to some awesome gagging sounds while I was pushing her head down on my cock for our pleasure. I boned her in about 5 different positions. Her tits were floppin around everywhere. Ends with a large load of fully swallowed cum. A true amateur chic from your pals at Broke Amateurs.

Jul 14

A really cute girl and how I got her to eat my sperm twice and let me fuck her in the vagina and ass hole is beyond me. I must have been having a good day. She is very cute and has a strong New Jersey accent which is the first thing you notice in the videos. She sucks my penis, deep throats it, swallows two full loads of sperm, gives herself a real orgasm with my big blue two headed dildo and takes my cock in her ass like a champ. The outtakes and bloopers from this one are awesome as well. She really didn’t want to swallow and kept a load in her mouth for a while, making some really cute faces, until finally giving in and letting it slide down her throat. By the way, if you don’t think this is her first time doing anal, just watch and listen to the full video when my penis slides in her tight ass, it’s definitely her first time.